Use Underwriters!

Many of our clients find businesses/individuals to underwrite specific aspects of their production.  Our clients have found that when approached with a specific amount for a specific purpose (Costume Underwriter, Prop Underwriter) and when recognized appropriately, it can be fairly easy to find Underwriters.  It would be up to you to put the “price tag” on the item for the underwriters.  A nice touch would be to include one of the fundraiser items with your request!

Make sure you go overboard in recognizing and acknowledging your underwriters so that they will be willing to continue to support your next production!

Underwriting possibilities exist for almost any production.  Our clients have used underwriters for “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Little Mermaid”.  Even though you might not be producing either of those shows, it might be helpful for you to read these proven ideas, as they might get your creative juices flowing on how you might use underwriters for your upcoming production.

These are just a few suggestions for approaching underwriters.  I’m sure you’ll think of more!

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