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We also ship to CANADA, Puerto Rico

"The Producers" is very challenging for the Technical Director-- the street scenes, the Broadway scenes, all of the Broadway marquis, etc. By renting these few props from us, you'll buy time for your crew to focus on those other technical requirements.

We are delighted to provide the following props for "The Producers", with or without a costume rental.


Robotic Pigeon "Adolph"

Nazi Pigeon: One of the funniest moments in the show is when Franz sings to his pigeons on the rooftop and one of the birds gives a one-wing salute.

The Pigeon Coop is roughly 2'x2' by 3' tall. A 25' lead runs off- stage to the controller. When cued by the SM, the techie will push a button to get "Adolph" to flash a one wing "Heil Hitler" salute.


Little Old Lady Walkers

Don't invest in walkers when we've already done it. We offer a sturdy walker with a purse attached (for checks to Bialy). A stage full of dancing old ladies is a fabulous moment…especially when the choreography is designed with walkers.


Adding Machines

Simulated Adding Machines and stands for "I want to be a Producer".


Props arrive in time for your first tech rehearsal/photos and are shipped by UPS to accomodate your production schedule. Also included is a return label, just call UPS for pickup.