Little Mermaid

Creating the costumes for LITTLE MERMAID, Jr. (Middle School version) has been such a fun adventure for our artists at Heartland Costumes.

We love them – we hope you do, too.

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We are offering TWO COSTUME PACKAGES for LITTLE MERMAID, Jr.  The quality of each is the same, and one is a subset of the other.  The costume package that is right for you will depend on your budget, your own costume inventory, and the time and creativity you and your team can devote to costuming.

Our PRINCIPLE PACKAGE includes 30 characters:

  • -Ariel (mermaid)
  • -Triton
  • -Ursula
  • -Sebastian
  • -Flounder
  • -Scuttle
  • -Flotsam
  • -Jetsam
  • -6 Mersisters
  • -4 Seagulls
  • -2 Seahorses

Our COMPLETE PACKAGE includes the Principle Package plus:  10 “Under the Sea” characters,14 “Kiss the Girl Characters” and 10 “Unfortunate Souls” for a total of 54 characters.

We have been so busy building that we haven’t had time to take proper photos.  But until then, please visit our FaceBook Page “Heartland Costumes” for informal photos of costumes in various stages of completion. (Note: The costumes ARE all built, we just haven’t taken the final photos yet.)

We hope we have given you choices here at Heartland Costumes that will be a great addition to your LITTLE MERMAID, Jr. production.

We look forward to working with you!

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