Beauty and the Beast

We have used great care and creativity in the design and execution of our “Beauty and the Beast” rental costumes. We created an incredible amount of scrap working on our rental costumes and discarding that which we felt was just “not quite right”.

As a result, we are proud to  offer you these fabulous costume rental packages.

Contact us for more details and pricing.

Enchanted Package

The Enchanted Package is sized for high school/adult actors and contains most of the essential costumes (structures and garments) you’ll need for your production:

  • Belle
  • Beast/Prince/Beast Double
  • Mrs. Potts (enchanted and human)
  • Cogsworth (enchanted and human)
  • Lumiere (enchanted and human)
  • 3 Silly Girls
  • Gaston
  • Babette (enchanted and human)
  • Madame (enchanted and human)
  • Chip (enchanted and human)
  • Kitchen objects for “Be Our Guest”
    • 6 Flatware
    • 6 Napkins
    • Salt and Pepper
    • Whisk
    • 4 Plates
    • 2 Gargoyles

We include 288 complimentary Fundraiser Roses along with your Enchanted Package.  Please review our fundraiser page to learn about the fundraising potential and how to integrate the light-up roses with your production.Cogsworth Enchanted

 “Your costumes were wonderful. It made the show even better, and believable, to have a life size clock, candle, wardrobe etc. You have done an amazing job. I am so happy my Internet search last year brought me to you! I couldn’t have done it without you. We sold out of roses, and had sell-out houses for three out of four shows. Thank you doesn’t cover my gratitude or appreciation for you and your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Royal Package

“Beauty and the Beast” is a major undertaking and if you want 99% of the costuming headaches eliminated, the Royal Package is for you.

The Royal Package adds the secondary characters to the Enchanted Package:

  • 6 wolves
  • Enchantress
  • Young Prince
  • Le Fou
  • Maurice
  • M. D’Arque
  • 20 townspeople

Beast Costume for Beauty and the BeastWe include 288 complimentary Fundraiser Roses along with your Royal Package . Please review our fundraiser page to learn about the fundraising potential and how to integrate the light-up roses with your production.

 “The costumes were wonderful. This is our biggest success in many years; we received ovations for every performance. You all were tremendously helpful, and the roses were GREAT!”


Middle School  Package

We’ve created an objects-only package that’s perfect for your younger performers. We provide the unique and hard-to-build enchanted objects; you provide the garments. The objects in our Middle School Package are sized for younger performers, but are of the same high quality we’ve always offered. So whether you’re doing the regular or junior version of “Beauty and the Beast”, you and your audiences will be thrilled with our reasonably-priced Middle School Package.

We’ve also included 144 complimentary Fundraiser Roses. Please review our fundraiser page to learn about  the fundraising potential and how to integrate the light-up roses with your  production.


NEW!  In response to customer requests we now offer some ad hoc garments for your middle school production:   Belle, Silly Girls, Le Fou, Villagers and more!

“Your costumes were fabulous and I am so happy that we found you and had the opportunity to work with you. We could not have done it without you.”


High School – Structures Only     * Available June thru December only.

Our High School STRUCTURES PACKAGE is a partnership – we provide the unique, hard-to-build “enchanted structures” and you provide all garments and human costumes.  Also, you receive the Enchanted Rose and Magical Mirror as a part of the Structures Package.

The STRUCTURES PACKAGE will give you a good starting point for the look of your production for a very reasonable price.

 We would love to have your business.

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