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Here are our answers to some often asked questions:

Why is there a BEAST DOUBLE costume?
Our costume packages have matching costumes for the BEAST and BEAST DOUBLE so that a smooth ‘transformation’ can take place from BEAST to PRINCE.  Our BEAST costume does not allow for an ‘on stage’ change in front of the audience.  There are fur gloves/tail, a hump, wig, etc.  The actor cannot shed these items and TA-DA become the handsome Prince.  Therefore, another actor needs to be the BEAST’s stand-in during the Gaston fight scene in the castle while the actor playing BEAST/PRINCE is removing make-up and all things hairy to become the PRINCE.

If you are using two different actors for the BEAST and PRINCE, you will not need to have a BEAST DOUBLE.

Regardless of your choice (same actor who changes costumes or using a double), you you will still have to create the moment on stage.  You want either of these to happen quickly and unseen.

Your set design and lighting design can assist you.  Also, many of our clients find it helpful to use the light-up roses (our “Beauty and the Beast” fundraiser/concession item) to help provide the “magic” for the transformation.   As the audience holds up their lighted rose during the transformation, the transformation seems to happen more magically, as the audience is enjoying the magic of the auditorium full of light-up roses.

Read about the light-up roses.


Do we need a special mirrored cart for CHIP?
The ‘illusion’ carts that can be built for CHIP are cool…but expensive.  Just having a cart with the sides covered to hide the actor’s body is effective.  When building, be sure to take into consideration the comfort of the actor.  No one wants to have to squat in position with their head through a hole to play the part.

Some clients have a ‘walking’ CHIP.  We can switch out the CHIP headpiece for a teacup body structure.  Also very cute!

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