Three new fundraiser products are being developed for us!

We are working with suppliers on new fundraiser/concession products for “The Lion King”, “Mary Poppins” and an additional one for “The Little Mermaid”.  This doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like, as we get samples from the supplier, then have to work with the supplier to change/upgrade them to our standards, etc.  It typically takes a few months before we can get a new fundraiser available.  But stay tuned!  We’re working as fast as we can.

Tours at Heartland Costumes

Today, we had groups take a tour of our facility from two different Retirement Centers:

  • The Grand Victorian – Washington, IL
  • Lutheran Hillside Village – Peoria, IL

Here are snaps of the two groups. The high point of the tour: Each visitor was treated to a light up rose.

Tour group 1 - Lutheran Village
Tour group 1 - Lutheran Village

Tour group 2 - Grand Victorian
Tour group 2 - Grand Victorian


Hi!  This is our “blog” page (sorta).  Anything that’s new at Heartland Costumes or that we find interesting in the musical theatre world, or our world in general, goes on this page. Our updates begin below this photo. ENJOY!

Jan Sullivan (Owner of Heartland Costumes) was one of the featured artists in Peoria’s “Arts Partners” month long salute to local artists.

Arts Partners - Feature Jan Sullivan

Although Jan is the only one featured, credit does belong to the entire Heartland Costume staff.