Heartland Costumes is a customer-focused and friendly supplier of beautiful rental costumes, props, and fundraisers.


We are a unique company in that we offer costumes and props for only two properties:  “Beauty and the Beast” (High School and Middle School sizing) and “The Little Mermaid” (Middle School Sizing with High School Sizing available Spring 2016!).  We lead the pack for these two shows.  Our prices are affordable and the costumes and props are breathtaking.

Belle Costume

We pride ourselves on knowing how costumes fit into the needs of the production. Our ‘hands on’ development process includes creating the costumes for an actual production. We participate fully as a costumer during this inaugural production — even working with the cast in the dressing rooms during the production. This first-hand experience helps us recognize and incorporate many of the costume requirements that are important to you — quick changes, easy layering, dual-purpose, etc.

Our pricing is very reasonable — particularly for the quality of the costumes. If you haven’t done your own research, I encourage you to do so. “Beauty and the Beast” is an expensive and stressful show to costume, and we’re proud we can offer you these fabulous costumes for far less than what you can build them. We can accommodate several clients at the same time and have a variety of sizes for most characters.

You and your creative team will be free to put your human and financial resources into other aspects of your production. And you can have the confidence that when the curtain rises your stage will positively shine with our costumes.  We have awed hundreds of audiences in the last ten years.  Yours can be one of them!  Contact us today!


As we know that arts organizations are always needing more funding, we also offer fundraisers/concessions which will coordinate perfectly with many productions.  We continue to respond to client requests for additional fundraising items.  We offer products for twelve shows and two more products are in development with our suppliers.  Each year hundreds of organizations earn money for their programs with our risk-free fundraiser/concession program.  We can do same-day processing, so even if you are contacting us last-minute, we can make it happen!    Check out our fundraiser program here.Beauty and the Beast Dancing

We are located in the “heart” of Illinois. Our centralized location and volume shipping discounts allow us to ship costumes, props and fundraisers fairly reasonably throughout the USA and Canada.

I would be amiss if I did not mention our customer service.  Our Client Manager, Kathy, does a stupendous job of communicating with clients, and our Shipping Manager, Kevin, never misses a beat.  We receive the highest compliments on our customer service.  You won’t find better anywhere.  Rarely do things get wanky, but when they do, we make it right.

If you have any interest or any questions, please contact us. We pride ourselves in offering a fabulous product and friendly service at a fair price. We’d love to have your business.

Janet Sullivan, Owner