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Heartland Costumes is a customer-focused and friendly supplier of beautiful rental costumes, props, and fundraisers.

It’s also our 10th Anniversary! – And to celebrate, we are offering all of Costume Package Rentals at 10% OFF. —– If your production is before December 31, please contact us to get 10% off your total costume package rental!

We are a unique company; we are a ‘show- focused’ costuming house. Focused exclusively on “Beauty and the Beast” and “Little Mermaid”.

Please take a look around at our website – and if you are planning on putting up either of these shows, please contact us!

October 2012 – Jan Sullivan (Owner Heartland Costumes) was one of the featured artists in Peoria’s “Arts Partners” month long salute to local artists.

Arts Partners - Feature Jan Sullivan

Although Jan is the only one featured, credit does belong to the entire Heartland Costume staff.

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Little Mermaid Pictures

Centenial High School, Champaign, Illinois opens this week 10/3 – 10/5

Here are pictures from the first day of costume fitting:
Please note: This was the first night so not everyone was in complete costume, but it gives you a perspective.

Flotsam and Jetsam
Flotsam and Jetsam ready to strike.

Ariel, Sebastian, and Triton
Ariel, Sebastian, and Triton

Flounder, Sebastian, and a seagull
Flounder, Sebastian, and a Seagull in the back. (Note- the Seagull is wearing a modified costume. the actor was too large for our sizing)

Profile view of our Frog on a Lilly Pad

Mermaid Sisters
Mermaid Sisters – for the most part, in costume. Only one of them (Ariel) was wearing her headpiece.


Triton and a Jellyfish

Triton and Sebastian

Ursula and her cadre of Poor Unfortunate Souls – The Poor Unfortunate Souls manipulate Ursula’s tentacles on puppet sticks – very creepy.

Poor Ariel, can you imagine how creepy it is to have Ursula’s tentacles pawing at her?

Little Mermaid – Costume photos

We haven’t had time to get “Little Mermaid” formal pictures taken yet – so we are kind of adding a few pictures here and there. If you want to see more please take a look at our FaceBook page “Heartland Costumes”

Here is a picture of some of our costume builders modeling their work:

Little Mermaid Costumes


  • Mermaid Sister
  • Flamingo
  • Seagulls
  • Seahorse

Tours at Heartland Costumes

Today, we had groups take a tour of our facility from two different Retirement Centers:

  • The Grand Victorian – Washington, IL
  • Lutheran Hillside Village – Peoria, IL

Here are snaps of the two groups. The high point of the tour: Each visitor was treated to a light up rose.

Tour group 1 - Lutheran Village
Tour group 1 - Lutheran Village

Tour group 2 - Grand Victorian
Tour group 2 - Grand Victorian